About Us

guy-listening-to-musicHello.  We here at Frascogna Music believe that music is an experience that anyone can have, no matter what part of the world they live in.  It is the global language that we all speak, spanning across languages, ages, cultures, races, and religions.


Scholars and artists alike have claimed that music is the universal language of the world for a really long time.  The truth is, this statement runs pretty deep, much more so that most people may assume, all the way down to the start of human consciousness.


It is believed that music was actually the earliest form of communication, lending to why it is so loved across the world. Charles Darwin proposed this theory called the proto-music theory. This theory suggests that music is more instinctual and older to us as humans than speech itself is.


We here at Frascogna music agree with Darwin’s theory because we have seen the influence of music across the globe. Our goal is to explore the different styles of music, mostly here in the US but also abroad.


We hope you will join us on this musical journey!